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YesIndore.com Cuts Rate of online advertising to Support Local Business

Press Release: June 03, 2020

YesIndore.com; local online advertising service provider exclusive for the city of Indore, has cut its rate of paid advertising to support local businesses reeling under the pressure of unexpectedly extended lock-down.

The Covid-19 caused unprecedented series of lockdowns has marred local business potential. Many small businesses which depended upon the limited number of customers whom only it was known to were the most suffered ones because their usual customers are missing from the streets of the city.

“YesIndore.com is allowing these small traders or service providers to register their businesses on the site at very lower rates now”, informs Mr. Mukesh Maheshwari, promoter of the portal, “this would help them reach new potential customers of their products or services spread across the city and sail their business successfully through this tough time”. He added.

Online business promotion is a growing trend today but mostly big or large enterprises have only had access to it for the higher cost involved. Besides, in absence of local businesses online, search engines list similar options from other cities instead and, most often, business flows outside of the city. Most of the local businesses are aware of the potential of online advertising but they find it too costlier to opt for.

“Indore is our home city and we are committed to support the locals in all possible manners,” says Mr. Maheshwari, “we have targeted small businesses of the city which include property brokers, retailers, service providers and traders to allow benefit of free online advertising in Indore while we have cut charges of online advertising considerably for big dealers/distributors, manufacturers and companies or corporate houses to help them avail of the market already available online,” he added.

Online advertising is quite popular and effective these days when circulation of print media is almost negligible and local small vendors are finding it difficult to meet both the ends. Most of the successful platforms charge a handsome amount for online advertising services which small suppliers cannot really afford. This attempt of YesIndore.com is appreciable in deed.

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