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Yelowsoft launches its new on-demand delivery solution - YelowXpress

Press Release: July 17, 2020

On 1st May 2020, Yelowsoft, a leading on-demand solution provider launched its new offering -YelowXpress. It's an on-demand delivery solution made with state-of-the-art technology and security features. It's a feature-rich solution that can empower a vast range of diverse businesses.

Yelowsoft which primarily focused on taxi business decided to enter in the on-demand delivery business mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. People at Yelowsoft were quick to realize that the only way taxi business can survive is by adopting the delivery business on their existing system. That's the precise reason that motivated them to come up with YelowXpress.

Yelowsoft was founded in 2017. Earlier, its co-founders had the experience of delivering taxi dispatch solutions to a few of their clients. However, it wasn't successful as it didn't meet all the requirements of the client. This led them to carry out intense research and study. And finally, they came up with a flawless and robust taxi dispatch solution of top-notch quality.

This was the birth of Yelowsoft and since then the company has delivered a bunch of top-notch solutions to its various clients. These solutions have transformed countless businesses and have made them their industry leaders. Until now, the company had expertise in providing solutions for providing ride-hailing, shuttle software, corporate, and rental software for a taxi, car companies, corporate, limo, and private hire services. But the launch of YelowXpress will give the company a new dimension.

"As we all know that the world economy is dwindling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All the businesses, especially the taxi business are having the worst possible times. Many of our taxi clients are also facing giant losses. This motivated us to come up with an on-demand delivery solution that can help all such our clients and other taxi businesses to mitigate their taxi losses by integrating the delivery system on their platform" said one of the co-founders of Yelowsoft - Shahid Mansuri.

Apart from helping taxi businesses, entering into the on-demand delivery market was a long time due for us. We always believe in evolving our business as per the latest trends and demands. That's the reason why the launch of YelowXpress was something inevitable and it was just a matter of time that we decided to launch it." said Shahid Mansuri.

"YelowXpress is unlike any other contemporary on-demand delivery solutions. We have used the latest technology and tools to ensure it delivers top-notch performance. YelowXpress comes with auto-scaling capabilities which make it immune to issues like server downtime and lag. It scales automatically to the rising number of orders. So, no matter how many thousands of order you receive in a day, YelowXpress would delegate those orders by maintaining 99.9% up-time" said Nashurallah Patel, Co-founder of YelowXpress.

"In addition to that, the thing which makes YelowXpress stand out from the rest is its versatility. We have built the solution in such a way that it can serve a wide range of businesses like Food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, parcel delivery, and laundry delivery," added Nasrullah Patel.

All the co-founders and the team of Yelowsoft is pretty confident that YelowXpress will be an instant success. It will help out numerous taxi clients to make up their taxi losses due to coronavirus. Moreover, it will also prove to be the first choice for all the businesses who want to adopt the on-demand delivery business model.

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