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Yelowsoft launches its all-in-one Super App

Press Release: October 07, 2020

On 1st September 2020, Yelowsoft launched its Super App. It’s an umbrella app which consists of several other applications inside it. With this Super App, Yelowsoft aims to end the tyranny of apps by enabling its clients to offer multiple services like taxi booking, food delivery, grocery delivery, and many more on the same platform.

Yelowsoft which mainly focusses on providing taxi booking and on-demand delivery solutions to their clients decided to come up with an all in one Super App due to its increasing demand in the times of COVID-19 pandemic. The experts at Yelowsoft studied and analysed the market very closely and got to know that Super Apps all around the world were gaining rapid popularity. Secondly, our experts realized that that the taxi companies and on-demand delivery companies were in dire need of a common platform that can enable them to diversify their business thus making it less prone to the effects of COVID-19. After considering these factors, Yelowsoft decided to help their existing clients and other enterprises by coming up with a next-gen Super App.

Yelowsoft was founded in the year 2017. Its co-founders had an experience of providing few clients with taxi dispatch solutions. However, it didn’t go well as the solution failed to meet clients’ expectations. This incident inspired Yelowsoft’s co-founders to carry out intense research and study on taxi solutions. After years of hard work and dedication, they finally come up with an advanced and robust taxi dispatch solution which also marked the birth of Yelowsoft.

Since its inception, Yelowsoft has catered to the customized needs of our several clients with our solutions of unmatched quality. These solutions have played a pivotal role in transforming these startups and enterprises into industry leaders. As of now, Yelowsoft has delivered several solutions for taxi and on-demand delivery businesses. But with the introduction of a Super App, Yelowsoft provides its clients with a golden opportunity to diversify their business by adding many more services and offerings apart from their core offering. With Yelowsoft’s Super App in place, any startup or enterprise can offer multiple services on a single platform. These services include:

  • Ride-hailing
  • Car rental
  • Shuttle services
  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Parcel delivery
  • Cargo delivery

As of by now we all are witnessing the disastrous impact that COVID-19 is still having on several business verticals. Especially, if we talk about taxi businesses, then the situation is worst. In such dire times, we were approached by many of our clients who came to us in the hope of a solution to this situation. We understood their plight and decided to help them in sustaining their business in times of COVID-19. After hundreds of brainstorming sessions and research we finally came up with the idea of Super App.” said Shahid Mansuri – Co-founder of Yelowsoft.

“The rationale behind the Super App was to encourage businesses to diversify their offerings. It was very important for us to make our clients realize the importance of business diversification in times of COVID-19. We made many of our taxi clients understand the importance of starting on-demand delivery service from their existing staff. We also offered complete guidance from the technology point of view.” added Shahid Mansuri.

“There are many reasons as to why one must go for our Super App. The biggest of them is our guarantee of top-notch quality. Our Super App is a one-stop solution for all the taxi and on-demand businesses which are struggling due to COVID-19. Our solution has auto-scaling capabilities that can manage tens of thousands of requests without any lag or downtime. Moreover, the reports and analytics of our Super App provide with accurate data from multiple apps which would help you to understand your customer base. This data can also be used for targeted promotions, advertising, and many other personalized offers” said Nasrullah Patel – Co-founder, Yelowsoft.

The team at Yelowsoft including the co-founders are very confident that their Super App would play a major role in helping their clients and other enterprises to combat the adverse impacts of COVID-19. Furthermore, they also believe that their Super App will redefine the way taxi and on-demand businesses offer their services to the customers.

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