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Yatharth Marketing Offer Phone Sales Training Programs For Corporate Companies

Press Release: May 05, 2020

Phone calls are your biggest generators for Sale leads. The more calls you make the more Sale leads you to get. Your Sales call has to be picture perfect for your Sales lead to be interested in your product. 


To get your Sales call to perfection you have to take a Phone Sales Training Program. Make sure you consult the best Sales Training Company for your Phone Sales Training. 


To put out facts, India's #1 Sales training company is Yatharth Marketing Solutions. They have been the best in India for the past six years. There have been no other Sales Training companies that have even come close to the potential that Yatharth Marketing Solutions has.


1- What is the Sales training structure they follow?

Yatharth Marketing Solutions has a USP that they follow. The USP is that they provide Customized product based phone Sales Training Program. 


The customized product based phone Sales Training Program is done after extensive study of the organization and the product. The reason they believe in giving a product based phone Sales Training is that they want the clients to connect with their own product. 


It also gives the clients a complete understanding of how they have to sell their product in the best way possible. It is a very unique way that no other Sales training company offers. Mihir Shah- India's top Sales trainer creates a feeling of loyalty between the salesmen and the product.


2- What are the other features?

The other features that are there in the Phone Sales Training Program are the Question & Answer session. The Questions & Answers session is for the phone Sales trainees to ask whatever questions they have about the Phone Sales process. 


Mihir makes sure he answers each and every question of the phone Sales trainees. After which he asks a few questions to get an understanding that the Phone Sales Training Program has been of use or no.


There is also a foreplay session. The foreplay session is conducted under the supervision of Mihir Shah. It is an activity where one of Mihir's men play the role of a Sales caller and show the actual Sales callers how to make a sales call. Mihir at regular intervals gives his important tips to the actual Sales callers.


About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is India's #1 Sales Training Company. They have been experts at giving Phone Sales Training Programs. Mihir Shah who is India's top Sales trainer uses his long-lasting Sales experience in his Sales Training Programs. 


They have already provided their phone Sales training programs to many Corporate companies across India. Their services are open to any corporate company, so you can always check their Phone Sales Training Program services on their website @ https://www.yatharthmarketing.com/ 


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