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Yapa : A Stress Reliever

Press Release: April 19, 2019

Since last few years, there has been a lot of emotional ups and downs in the lives of people, this is very astonishing to note sometimes, helping people with having someone to share in their difficult times is something they can count on to get on the path of getting healed.
Find some of the reasons mentioned below to know why you could rely on Yapa for your emotional shifts on social media.

• Sharing is better than fighting alone!
Everybody needs to fight the various signs and reason they have in their life to fight better with things. Whether it is a fight or a continuous struggle to come out of some sort of stigma, it is very necessary to share the daily happening and the associated emotions with someone, on whom the person can rely on. This helps people to stand with you and hence this makes it easy for people to get through the various stages of life!

• No buzz or fan following needed
Since a very long time, the need of having more fan following and a suitable count of likes on the particular posts or posts has been indulging a whole lot of emotions in the process. This kind of necessity is definitely removed by Yapa and hence helps one to have the best kind of mood switching. This also makes sure that people who are going through various stages in life and just want to mention it somewhere without getting any sort of comment can definitely give it a try, as this involves a soulful peace filled sharing with no likes and no comments interfering.

• Helpful
The need to have a shoulder to cry on in the times of need is the most basic thing, one would need. This helps people to feel cared for, loved and most importantly this kind of gesture helps one saving some energy and life for sure! Such a person could be counted on being a very amazing and helpful friend. The truth but it is not sure that people can always get a shoulder to lend their heaviness on and thus it is very easy to count on an app, which is with you all the time.

• A great tool to socialize
No doubt there are various ways in which people can come on board. This thus helps in making sure that things go the right way planned. Another app helping people to make their presence well noticed using social media helps in bringing people on some sort of similarity and hence helping people in creating the right sort of buzz about each of their move! If you are irritated with the sort of comments and questions people ask you about various things happening in your life, and then don’t worry yapa won’t make you fall into traps of these things.

• Believing the best in you!
While there are various sorts of social media accounts which believe in getting the right thing done for you, this one is specially designed to help you get the amazing sort of support without even needing to know how to write well or just a little bit. While yapa’s developer has tried to help you come best on social accounts, the one has also taken care of making sure things happen on the right way and at the right time and with yapa, it is possible to make it last for 72 hours with the background set as per your desire.

Thus depending on yapa, for all your needs of sharing emotional shifts in the personality while keeping things expressed and not even coming in the trap of being contacted or even being commented by people. Such apps or the social network tools help in making sure that mental health is helped and no person lives in the depressed or anxiety state.
Simply download it from any app store and start yapping with no photos and no need of any words, when the life is on the point, where you don’t have any words to express.

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iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1440286816

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yapa

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