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YanaLevy re-invents fashion photography in Israel.

Press Release: March 01, 2021

(For Immediate Release) Yana Levy is an Israeli professional photographer with a unique shooting style. Originating from Moscow as a photojournalist and fashion photographer,  she has been focusing all of her energy to portrait and commercial photography within Israel and abroad.

Being featured in top publications and magazines like Moevir, Malvie, Eclair, Faddy, Horizont, Style Cruze, Gmaro, Marika, Edith, Feroce, Summers, Imirage, Like a Lion, Luxia, and Elegant, Yana has made a name for herself with her unique style that has attracted models, blogger and fashion designers.

Her work which combines a raw, unconventional aesthetic with sophisticated lighting techniques, has continued to intuitively blur the lines between art and fashion photography by pushing the boundaries of their presentation.

Her portfolio is now available on her re-launched website, YanaLevy.com and she will continue to re-invent fashion photography in Israel.

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