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Y the Wait: the Dutch Start-up is Transforming Restaurant Dining Experience

Press Release: December 14, 2019

Dec. 13, 2019 / Worldwide: The Dutch Startup has launched a mobile application, Y the Wait, to eliminate all the inconveniences experienced by customers during dine-in and food delivery orders from their favorite restaurants.

Today, the customers demand an exclusive dining experience that fits best with their lifestyle. The Dutch Start-up - Y the Wait visions to take the dining experience to a high end with its extraordinary concept, Digital Waiter - self-service mobile application.

Y the Wait mobile application is available for installation on both Google Play and iTunes to experience a never seen before technologically driven self-service dining experience. The waiter app ensures all the dine-in and takeaway orders are catered perfectly in a smooth manner.

With the restaurant online ordering app, there is no need for customers to struggle to get the attention of waiters to place food orders in their favorite restaurants across the world. Y the Wait is designed with a motto to digitize the complete food ordering process. The app enables its users to book a table, choose and order food items directly from their home even before reaching the restaurant.

On the other hand, Y the Wait assists restaurants to manage table reservations, staff, records, and all the day-to-day problems. It not only facilitates productivity and helps them to take control of overall operations smoothly. The customers can check the menu of the restaurant in their preferred language and order their chosen items quickly without wasting much time.

Source From https://www.ythewait.com/.

Stated Key Features:

Digital Waiter: Y the Wait introduces the new automated check-in feature. The user has to scan the QR code available at their chosen table and order as well as pay for the food directly from the waiter app.

Schedule Dine-In: Book tables in advance at the time that suits you even before you've reached the restaurant.

Online Food Ordering: Order and pay for a long-range of delicacies across local and international cuisines with just a few clicks from your restaurant online ordering app.

Mobile Payments/Splitting Bills: Offers cashless transaction. Split bills directly from the app and avoid undesired payment discussions in one go.

Y the Wait acclaims to be an entirely new concept that can revolutionize the customer experience in the foodservice industry. Both customers and restaurants can join Y the Wait mobile application entirely for free. Also, the Dutch start-up is supported by Canada's Acer investment group and gaining popularity among restaurants worldwide.

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