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Y the Wait is Thriving Dining Experience Like Never Before

Press Release: July 18, 2020

  • Y the Wait has introduced digital waiter app to address concerns of diners around hygiene and safety.
  • Diners can scan QR code from their smartphones to browse menu, place orders and pay online.
  • Y the Wait simplifies and improves social distancing for restaurants.

Life hardly remains same after COVID-19. It will have lasting effects on how people used to live, work and eat. The current situation is ravaging hospitality industry and forcing restaurant owners to rein costs and reduce staff. Moreover, restaurants are expected to put touch-free solutions in place to contend pandemic-related consumer anxieties.

Coronavirus has put technology at the forefront. The current situation demands restaurant owners to adopt digital transformation. Y the Wait has introduced ai-based digital waiter app to make smartphone contactless compatible while dining at any restaurant. Moreover, the company is helping business owners to reduce wait time and implement social distancing norms in a hassle-free manner.

Y the Wait's initiative is helping the restaurant industry to serve customers in a better way. The company is bringing a revolution in the hospitality industry. There is no need for users to touch unhygienic paper menu and repeat order to the waiter. It’s easy for users to and browse the menu in their preferred language without any language barriers. Additionally, restaurant owners can update the menu from their smartphone in real-time.

The ai-based digital waiter has several benefits for the restaurant industry. It reduces costs and human errors. It frees up manpower to take orders by automating restaurant operations. So, there are fewer chances of error, with top of that the best solution to cost reduction. Restaurant owners can analyze customer data to attract more customers and increase revenue.

About the company

YtheWait, an online food ordering application, is built to satisfy your food cravings without standing in long queues. It's extremely easy-to-use and accessible across devices. Y the Wait acclaims to be an entirely new concept that can revolutionize the customer experience in the foodservice industry. Both customers and restaurants can join Y the Wait mobile application entirely for free. Also, the Dutch start-up is supported by Canada's Acer investment group and gaining popularity among restaurants worldwide.

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