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Y the Wait Is Assisting Restaurant Owners to Deal with the Pandemic

Press Release: July 07, 2020

No sector is as competitive as the restaurant business. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many eateries to pull down their shutters. Y the Wait has introduced a "digital waiter" feature for restaurants for the post COVID world. Y the Wait has introduced a digital waiter app to offer a true touchless experience to guests without the need for physical interactions.

What is Contactless Dining?

Contactless dining is the best solution at the current scenario for delivering the highest standard of service and safety to the diners. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurants are looking forward to optimizing the order to the delivery fulfilment process. The contactless dining means minimising customer contact to the high touch elements at a restaurant. The main features of contactless dining -

Contactless menu – the diner scans the QR code to read the menu

Contactless ordering – orders are fulfilled through the app

Contactless payment – pay the bill via the app

Benefits of contactless dining

  • Eliminate the use of menu cards and bill books
  • Following highest hand hygiene standards at a restaurant
  • Ensure a hassle-free dining experience
  • Consumers don’t have to wait to place their order
  • Make the entire payment process more seamless and convenient for the users
  • Offer a better and hassle-free dining experience for customers
  • Bring down manpower costs
  • Reducing the table turnover time

Y the Wait digital waiter app offers a touchless guest-friendly restaurant experience. The waiter app is compatible with both ios and android platform. In a single transaction, the tap and tip are covered at the payments. The application is innovatively designed to address all the challenges faced by the restaurant industry. Moreover, the mobile application is connected with a Restaurant POS system. Y the Wait is an all-in-one solution for the restaurant industry to make the entire contactless dining process more seamless and convenient for the users.

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