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Xynomix Emphasise the Importance of Support for DBA Teams as well as Database Systems

Press Release: January 19, 2010

Many IT departments are still under a great deal of pressure to cut costs whilst maintaining, or even improving, system performance. DBA resources can become stretched as organisations work to administer existing and new systems; monitor security and administer backup and recovery solutions; install updated versions of technologies; deal with database problems; and work to implement new technologies and concepts such as database clustering and virtualisation.

IT managers are faced with a question: Can I reduce the overall cost of database and OS administration, and monitoring and management whilst maintaining or even improving system performance?

According to Xynomix, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

A fully managed service delivered by a third party like Xynomix can:
* Reduce the overall running cost of Oracle
* Reduce the risk to revenue through unplanned downtime
* Significantly improve on existing skill sets
* Increase Query Power and Speed of Database Systems
* Increase Productivity through Integrated Applications and a robust Infrastructure

However, a fully managed service is not always financially viable. In this case, the skills of internal DBA teams must be significantly drawn upon, leading to expensive overtime costs and exhausted employees.

According to Xynomix Marketing Executive, Jules Pedersen, engaging with Xynomix to deliver support to internal DBA teams can not only improve system efficiency and remove pressure from internal DBA teams, but can also reduce overall expenditure on system management:

"Xynomix have been helping DBA teams to deliver successful database projects and effective database and operating system management since 2002. We can lend our Oracle and SQL Server skills to IT departments on a project-specific or ongoing basis, acting as a pool of DBA knowledge and manpower that can be drawn upon by IT Managers to support DBA teams when required. Projects are finished quickly and effectively, which results in happy DBA teams and healthy systems".

Xynomix' DBA Support is most commonly called upon to deliver:
* Seamless Oracle, SQL Server and Unix/Linux installation and support
* Assistance with the design and implementation of cluster technology
* Backup and Recovery Solutions
* Cutting edge business intelligence and reporting solutions
* Successful virtualisation projects
* System Health Checks

Xynomix are one of only 30 Oracle Certified Business Partners in the UK and offer more than 100 years collective experience in Oracle Database technology and support platforms, including Oracle RAC. For more information on Oracle Support and Oracle consultancy, visit our website at http://www.xynomix.com.

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