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www.bidabooking.coms Top 5 tips on booking a bargain holiday rental

Press Release: April 08, 2010

When looking to find your perfect holiday rental www.bidabooking.com's top 5 tips will help to ensure you always get your perfect rental at the best price.

Follow these simply rules and you'll be sure to make the most out of your money when searching for the dream getaway

1.Decide on your location
Think about the places you would like to holiday in most and select two or three options as your top destinations of choices. This should help you to stay focused when searching for your holiday rental and save you wasting time drifting off to rentals that are not where you really want to stay.

2.Shop around
Check out what is on offer in the locations you have decided on. Take a look at the types of rental properties available, is a villa in the hillside or an apartment in the centre of the resort best suited to you. Look at the prices are they per night or weekly rates and what is included, many add additional charges for services such as linen or maids.

3.Set a Budget
And stick to it! Pick the maximum price you are prepared to pay for your holiday rental and stick to it.

4.Search out offers
Be on the look out for special offers, do you get extras included for free, will it work out cheaper to travel 2 days earlier then original planned, can you make a saving by selecting an
apartment complex next to the one youve just looked at.

5.Be Flexible
Having decided on several destinations as your top choices, be flexible on which one you select and think about juggling your dates as you can find some great deals if you are prepared to travel at a slightly different time. There are a number of factors that can have an effect of the price if you are prepared to be just a little bit flexible.

www.bidabooking,com is the UKs first online holiday rental auction site, that allows you to choose the perfect rental for your perfect holiday at the perfect price for you! Whether a villa in France, an apartment in Spain or a once in a life time holiday to Florida.

Established in 2008 by www.bidabooking.com gives you the freedom to choose what you bid on and when, whilst remaining in control of how much you pay for your holiday rental.

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