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Writer Crate: The World’s First Monthly Box For Writers & Bloggers

Press Release: October 07, 2015

London, UK, October 6th 2015 - Writer Crate, the world’s first monthly box of quality items dedicated to Writers and Bloggers, has now launched.

Monthly boxes are springing up everywhere, catering to everybody from Cat owners to beard growers. As a result, niche hobbyists from the world over get to have regular unboxing experience, just for them. Now, thanks to Writer Crate, Writers and Bloggers can get in on the action.

Writer Crate’s first monthly offering includes;

An Italian-made Black Feather Quill & Ink Bottle
A Handmade Leather Notebook
Sixteen Writing Prompt Cards
A Light Blue “Writer” Pin
A 20% Discount for an Online Freelance Writing Course.

“As a Blogger by profession, I know that writing for a living is a privilege. However, I’ve always felt a distinct lack of luxury in the average life of a writer,” said Kaya Ismail, the Founder of Writer Crate.

“The typical scene of a Wordsmith typing away into the early hours with nothing but a mug of cold coffee for company doesn’t reflect the brilliance of being a Writer. It simply doesn’t do the vocation any justice.

With Writer Crate, I’m hoping to bring some more creature comforts into that typical scene, to help the everyday Writer fall in love with writing all over again.”

Every month, we plan to unveil a brand new Writer Crate, packed with an assortment of useful luxuries, productivity enhancers and discounts for helpful online resources.”

Writer Crate offers free UK shipping, and also ships to Europe, Canada and the US.

Visit WriterCrate.com

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