Home WOW - PoundToy are now selling Toys for 1p! Perfect for Christmas.

WOW - PoundToy are now selling Toys for 1p! Perfect for Christmas.

Press Release: September 25, 2019

PoundToy, the home of cheap toys and games in the UK are now selling toys from just 1p! The original toy pound store, who brought 1000's of toys to the market at just £1 in the UK in 2016 are now dropping their prices even further.

Making Christmas special for children can be an expensive undertaking, but one savvy mum has bought her children over £100 Christmas gifts for just £50, some for just a penny each, including FREE home delivery.

Parents can now manage to snap up the bargain toys using the website www.poundtoy.com.

Parents are posting daily the success on money-saving Facebook group Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains Group.

Parents wrote: 'If you're struggling to find stocking presents for your children for Christmas I would highly suggest using www.poundtoy.com I've managed to get my girls 100+ presents for only £50! 'I've always used them they are really quick to deliver too! ( also delivery is FREE on orders over £25)'.

Website content:
The 'PoundToy Penny Deals' are here, with a range of cheap toys & games starting at just 1p, 10p, 20p & 50p. All our Penny Deals are limited to availability but we are always adding new toys to our Penny Deals category.

Get free UK delivery on all orders over £25. *Deals in the Penny Toy Sale are very limited availability, get them before they are gone!

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