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Woven in Italy, Sea Island Cotton Shirt

Press Release: March 11, 2016

Woven in Italy, Sea Island cotton is by far the most prestigious and unique cotton fabric in the world. Remarkably long lasting yet incredibly soft at its core!

The fabric was first found in the outskirts of Barbados and the seeds were later grown in parts of North America and Georgia in US. Today, many regard Sea island fabric as ultra premium and being used my numerous Luxury Brands for their finest products.

What makes sea island shirt the most desirable is its extra long length with over (13/8”), remarkable fiber strength, incredibly uniform growth and significant brightness in color.

The most direct competitor of Sea island fabric is Egyptian cotton, while experts consider Egyptian cotton as a boast to stretch at up to 13/8” long, the admirers of Sea Island say its durability, Consistency and brightness of Sea Island makes it more desirable than Egyptian cotton.

In the Mid 1990’s, a group of 3 Canadian enthusiast built a platform where professional individuals can no longer have to worry about what to wear. The mission was clear, making products of the highest quality. As the name suggests, Just White Shirts pioneers in making 100% cotton shirts at an affordable/desirable price.

Using the finest fabrics from around the world, our dress shirts feature a generous cut and meticulous single needle tailoring. Our buttonholes are stitched 144 times to ensure non-ravel wear. Our collars are designed with removable stays and the finest linings, producing an immaculate finish that appears soft and crisp after each wash.

Superior Quality at Unbelievable prices is what describes the business model of Just White Shirts. Our Sea Island Cotton Quality Shirt typifies in making the best quality dress shirts for men, with time the reputation grew and now Just White Shirts is the preferred destination of some of the World’s finest professionals over the latter stages of 20th century.

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