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Press Release: June 14, 2020

Have you found the internet to be a source of great knowledge, and a huge level of information is only a tap away? But even though you are spending more than half of your days over the web still after a week or month, you have the same knowledge you had before? Well, that's just a play of the internet providing us the same data over and over again! We go through a lot of information daily but retain only a bit of new knowledge. This deception makes people astounded when they face a general knowledge question scenario and feel like they know none.

Do you know why the world has shifted towards internet reading?

Due to the fast pace of life, people have shifted quickly from pages to screens and have been grading books as a slow way of gaining knowledge. They prefer videos than reading long topics in books. But scientists and doctors claim a lot more interesting things about reading books. They say that book reading creates cognitive engagement, which improves vocabulary, thinking skills, and amplifies concentrating abilities. Book reading has also proven to reduce stress levels and bring empathy in human nature.

How is WordFutureOnline making a change?

We at WordFuture Online understand that carrying bulky books around isn't possible. To benefit from the technology, we have introduced a platform for ebooks. Now you can read ebooks online, and you will read ahead of why you will love doing it. We want the human generation to capture as much knowledge as possible from ebooks, and hence we have stocked books on every topic you could imagine. We believe that the information that has been graded uninteresting by market logic needs a revival, and we are all up for it.

How is WorldFutureOnline distinct from other elibraries?

But that's not it, and we are distinct from other online book markets in several ways. The highlighted one of which is that we sell books at a price that YOU want! What's better than having your favorite book at a price that's even more favorable to you? Fantasy eh? Buying an ebook has never been so easy, and spending money buying books never seemed to be this much of a positive investment! We don't want to make money only. We aim to educate you in real means. We have made this a process of almost free electronic ebooks. This is because we want you to buy books from us without any worries about money, and we want to hear back your reviews about the books as well. We would love to hear back your book reviews through the contact address we have provided on our website.

How are we practicing as best online booksellers?

At World Future Online, we practice the literal meaning of our company name! We are making a difference in the world by providing people with books that they find interesting. We are shaping minds and giving people new perspectives on viewing life. We proudly state that hundreds of people have taken our services of ebook providers and have always appreciated our great initiative.



How can you partner with WorldFutureOnline?We are based in Italy and welcome people who would like to invest in a great cause of providing humanity with the right knowledge they deserve. Be our partner at World Future Online and invest in our business of proving ebooks to people at their favorable prices.

Let's bring a direction to people's lives by providing them with a digital library that's stocked with books of categories like business, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, literature, technology, innovation, autobiographies and so on! This globalized world needs an opportunity to return to peaceful book reading that's equally stressing relieving and being wise in literal means.

And oh yes, book readding adds years to your life!! Let's read books together till we make it to our century-or-so birthdays!

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