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World’s Best Apple Techs Converge in London

Press Release: December 08, 2017

Amsys has announced that the Mac Administrator and Developer Conference (MacAD.UK) will come to London for the third year running and has already secured participation from the world’s biggest technology companies.

Run between the 20th and 21st February 2018 at the Vue entertainment complex in Leicester Square, the conference is attended by over 250 technical professionals administering Apple technology in Enterprise, SME and Education. Participation will include companies like Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Shopify, Walt Disney Animation Studios, University of Oxford, LSE and Jamf Software.

MacAD.UK has become a must-attend event for Mac tech professionals since its inception in 2016. With intensive sessions run over two days, delegates attend to network, share, discover, compare, meet, learn, hang out and socialise with the other Apple techs from around the world.

Alex Hawes, managing director of the event’s host, Amsys, commented: “There’s a vibrant, close and influential community of Mac and iOS admins and developers and MacAD.UK provides a European focus for them to meet and discuss their most pressing technology issues. The event is intended to be collaborative and, while many of the speakers are globally-recognised authorities, delegates of all technical abilities attend and learn from the show.

“Many delegates draft their companies’ technical agendas for the following 12 months at the show. In just two days, they can meet, discuss and test ideas with the brightest and best in the world.”

The conference’s roll of expert speakers and sponsors is due to be announced later this month and delegates can watch last year’s sessions on the MacAD.UK YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQsWZeYENRSSOpa9_MfSOA).

Hawes added: “If your company or educational establishment uses Apple technology, you really need to have representation at MacAD.UK. Otherwise, your IT team is driving your tech agenda in the dark with the lights off and eyes closed. You might achieve your objectives by trial and error, but it’s unlikely, and you’re going to have some uncomfortable bumps along the way.”

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