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Working from Home is the Great Conjunction of 2020

Press Release: December 21, 2020

The Great Conjunction of our Homes

and Work

Visibility permitting, people around the world will search the night sky on December 21st for a glimpse of The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.  For the first time in nearly 800 years the largest planets in our solar system come together symbolically at the end of a historic year in 2020.  Another rare conjunction that has occurred this year, that no one predicted.  For millions of people working remotely in response to COVID-19 precautions, two of the largest influences in our lives came together; our work and personal lives. 

The conjunction of work and home has changed everyone.  Remote working will have a more tangible effect on the economy and culture than the pandemic itself.  The team at Glasgow-based startup RAER Productions formed in October 2020, believe that work is an experience that must be designed with employees not for employees.  According to Co-founder and former Head of Future Banking at RBS, Andrew Audry, “Companies must do their own learning when it comes to their people. They must earn the trust of their people to benefit from their talent.” 

A New Yorker living in Glasgow, Andrew Audry was isolated from his family in America in 2020. His high school coach Larry Kelly was featured in The New York Times for being in a coma due to the virus.  His cousin Christell Cadet, a FDNY paramedic nearly succumbed to the virus, and her face was featured on New York’s Time’s Square in a mural by artist Christine Wong Yap.  To deal with the challenging situation, Andrew who recently served as Head of Employee Experience for EDF Energy, started a research project called The NICEDAY Company in April to interview hundreds of people using ZOOM.  “The conversations kept me alive and people’s stories gave me inspiration.”  

Andrew turned to his friends Laura Rae and Kevin Ryan and together they started RAER Productions - a company using film and design to understand and influence the beliefs and behaviours of employees and companies.  In the future, people will take back the choices they gave away centuries ago.  People will define their own ways of working, and technology will make it possible for employees to express their individuality at work.  This year marks the beginning of a new age - The Great Conjunction of work and home.  To learn more about RAER Productions and their upcoming pilot programme this January, visit www.raerproductions.com.

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