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WorkChums.com Social Network for the OFFICE

Press Release: March 15, 2017

The developers Win Well Solutions Ltd have done it again and expanding on their reach to integrate society in all aspects of their lives.

Newly created WorkChums.com is a fresh new way to keep in contact with friends you make at work. Alternative social network sites keeps you personal life and work life separate giving users the freedom to connect with colleagues, share social life and maintain professional image.

The developers recognised that everyone live two lives , a Professional Life and a separate Social life, however it is not always possible to integrate the two. This is where WorkChums.com comes in. It allows colleagues to push the bounds of their professional lives into a more social setting. Allowing friendships to blossom into life long adventures beyond the four walls of an office cubicle.

Try WorkChums.com, with excellent features and an every expanding community there is truly something for everyone.


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