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WordPress Experts Present the Ways to Set Up WordPress Error Log to Identify the Errors.

Press Release: June 24, 2020

Los Angeles, USA 23rd June 2020: During a press conference held recently by the agency, the most common problem that came out was the set up of WordPress Error LogThe WordPress experts of our agency addressed the audiences about the error log and its application. Experts said, “The main application of error log is to find and fix the problems that occurred on your WordPress instance. With this WordPress feature, you will be able to track the error and locate its location for troubleshooting them. For tracking the errors, it’s important to get started with the error log. So, our experts help the users in setting up the error log with effective steps”.

The spokesperson also discussed the steps following which it would be easy to set up the error log. This includes:

Access the Website’s Files

The first steps from where you need to start are the accessing of the website’s file. Activation of the error logs requires access to the files. One of the best ways of doing this is the file transfer protocol. With the help of an FTP client, there’s a possibility of direct login into your site. After accessing your file, you can do any modification in it.

Editing of the wp-config.php File

The next step that you need to follow is the editing of the wp-config.php. Editing of the wp-config.php file requires adding a few lines of code to the file. There is no hassle involved in it as it is a simple process. But before starting this process, always make sure to create a copy to avoid any data loss during the editing process. If there will get any error, then this can make your website inaccessible, so always create a copy first.

To get started with this, you need to log in to the Cpanel and then go to your “File Manager.” After this, locate the wp-config.php file and then copy it by right-clicking on it. In this step, rename the file wp-config.php.backup. After this, open the original wp-config.php file and make changes by clicking on the ‘edit’ option.

Locating the WordPress Logs

By following all these steps, the error log is ready to use and detect the errors where they have occurred. The new error log won’t find the error that has happened previously. Also, know about WordPress Admin Login issues.


With all these steps, as mentioned above, you can step up the WordPress error log with ease. It also helps to track various WordPress errors, including Wordpress admin login. Once you set up the error log, you’ll be able to track the WordPress errors that are troubling you.

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