Home WordPress experts introduce a simple way of fixing WooCommerce not Sending Emails problems.

WordPress experts introduce a simple way of fixing WooCommerce not Sending Emails problems.

Press Release: June 16, 2020

Los Angeles, California 15th June

We are a distinguished WordPress agency that is consistently engaged in providing effective and better Wordpress service to the users. In a press conference, the experts of our agency guided and illustrated the audiences about the error WooCommerce not Sending Emails that users experience when they use WordPress. Our WordPress experts said- “we have come to attention that almost every user is facing is email sending issue of WooCommerce. This mainly frustrates store owners in many ways. So, we have come up with an effective solution for fixing this problem.”


The experts of WordPress of the agency also explained the reasons and solutions to fix it simply. They illustrated these given solutions:

  • The first option is to check the WooCommerce email-sender options settings for alteration. There are two main settings of the WooCommmerce email. One is the “Email sender options”, and the other one is “Individual notification emails.” In this, you must check the domain in the “From email address” and then find if it is similar to your company or online store’s name.

    To do this, open the WordPress backend and then go to WooCommerce and then Settings. Select the “Emails” tab and then open the “Email Sender Options.” In addition to this, check “From address” and “From name” set up in a proper manner.

  • Another option is trying using an email that is having a different domain as your recipient. There are some cases when the email notifications error is one-sided, and another person is getting is properly. It mainly happens when the sender and recipient email addresses have the same domain.

    Trying using an email with a different domain is the easiest solution for this. For doing this, make sure to follow these instructions. First of all, go to WooCommerce and then choose Settings. Now, click on the “Emails” tab and then tap on the email notification. In this step, you need to change the email address of the recipient with a different domain.

  • If this step doesn’t work, then check if the emails are not going to the Spam folder. Sometimes, there are chances of not getting the emails as they might be in the spam. One probable reason for this could be your blacklisted host IP address. Contact the web host for this problem.

  • If any of these solutions are unresponsive, then you’ll need to install the WooCommerce Plugins. There’s a probability of having a problem with the email server on the host. So, you must make use of the SMTP plugin. This can help you in fixing the WooCommerce email sending problems.


If you are getting WooCommerce not sending emails? Then you don’t need to worry. Here you will get all the essential information about how to fix WooCommerce not sending emails step by step?

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