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WordPress Experts illustrated About the Set Up of the WordPress Error Log

Press Release: August 07, 2020

The United States, California 6th Aug 2020: The WordPress agency experts held a press meeting, and the agency's spokesperson addressed the audiences about the error log in WordPress. The agency's spokesperson said how the error log is beneficial in identifying the error in WordPress and then fixing it. They also talked about the steps following which users can enable or set up the WordPress Error Log to know more about the errors of WordPress.

As no application is fault-free, you might face some issues while using it. The same thing goes with WordPress, as you might encounter different WordPress errors. There can be several problems that include internal server error, error establishing database connection, and many more. If these problems occur, your work on WordPress will get interrupted. One of the effective ways of getting an insight into these problems is the set up of an error logThrough this, you'll get to know about the errors then you would be able to fix the issues. Let's have a look at the ways to enable or set up this error log:

  1. 1. Accessing the Website's Files

    The first step to enable the error log is to direct access to the site's files. Many users don't know how to access the website file. There are a few ways in which you can do this. The best way that is recommended to the users is through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). If you are using an FTP client, then you can log directly into the site. Once you reach there, you can either add or delete files according to your need.

  2. Editing of the wp-config.php File

Another step that you are needed to follow is the editing of the wp-config.php file. In a very simple word, you need to edit the wp-config.php file. If you don't know about editing it, you can first access it by connecting to the website through an FTP client. You can also make use of the File Manager application in the cPanel to access the file.

It would help if you searched for the option of a wp-config.php file from the root directory of the website. After this, you need to open the file in the text editor. After this, you need to make some changes to the code.

  1. Reviewing the new WordPress Logs

After following all these solutions, your WordPress is now ready to use. Ensure you visit the WordPress site and access the pages where you were getting the error or warning messages. After that, you have to connect the website through an FTP client or file manager app in the WordPress hosting cPanel.

Whether it is a problem with WordPress Admin Login or with image uploading on WordPress, you can use the error log to get an insight into these problems and their root cause. With this, the error can be fixed with ease.


Step by step illustration of how to Setup a WordPress error log to root cause and fix the error being discussed by WordPress experts.

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