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WordPress Experts Focus on Resolving WordPress Error 500 with 6 Step Solutions

Press Release: July 16, 2020

California, United States, 15th July 2020: In a press meeting, the WordPress agency’s experts illustrated the WordPress errors that sometimes occur suddenly to interrupt your work. One such problem that many users report is WordPress Error 500 that happens because of server problems. The  WordPress experts of the agency cited some major causes and solutions for this error. They said- “ these solutions are simple and can be initiated by the users to fix the problem in no time.”


The WordPress professionals of the agency also illustrated the simple solutions that you should follow:

  1. Turning the debug on

Whenever you see this error on your screen, the first thing that you must do is to switch on the debug mode on. The best thing to try this solution first is that you’ll get to know about the insight into the problem. By following this, you can get an idea of what’s the problem is and how to proceed to resolve it. To turn on the debugging, you will have to edit your site’s wp-config.php file.

  1. Disabling the plugins

Many times, the plugins that you have activated recently can interrupt the WordPress and can cause you this error. Not just this, many other errors are related to the faulty plugins. One such error of WordPress is WordPress Error 404 that can also be fixed by deactivating the plugins and themes.

  1. Look onto your .htaccess file

If the above-mentioned solutions don't work then you must check the .htaccess file. In this file, you will get various rules for the server and from which you can get the idea to troubleshoot the problem. From this, URLs can be rewritten and prevent access to the site for malicious things.

If you want to do this then make sure to go to the FTP editor and then check your .htaccess file. This file can be seen in your WordPress root folder. After this, you need to make sure that the FTP editor lists are in hidden mode.

  1. Memory increase

Another solution that you must try is increasing the memory limit in WordPress. Sometimes, memory limitations can interrupt you with this sort of error. The best option would be to increase the PHP memory of WordPress. First of all, you need to open the wp-config.php file from the WordPress root directory. After this, just search for WP_MEMORY_LIMIT. From here, follow the instructions on the screen and then you will be able to increase the memory.

  1. Reinstallation of the WordPress

If you have tried all these then make sure to re-install the WordPress to get rid of this 500 error. There are chances to resolve this error with reinstallation.

  1. Seeking consultation from the host

In case you don’t get any result from these solutions, make sure to ask this problem with your host to know about the error and its troubleshooting solutions. You can get help from the host on fixing this error in a hassle-free manner.


Here we described some best solutions to fix WordPress Error 500 by looking at different ways.

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