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WordPress Experts Focus on Effective Solutions for Fixing WordPress Error 404.

Press Release: July 02, 2020

Los Angeles, USA 1st July 2020: The WordPress agency recently held a press meeting and addressed all the audiences and press conference professionals about WordPress Error 404The company’s spokesperson illustrated the nature, reasons, and solution for this error. They said in the press meeting that- “browser’s cache and invalid URL sometimes cause this error to happen. DNS setting can also be a reason for this error to happen.

Our WordPress experts suggest users perform some simple troubleshooting steps to remove this error 404. We focus on the root cause of the error to analyze the problem and then troubleshoot it precisely. If there are problems with the plugin then also you can get this error to experience.” 

Agency’s spokesperson also stated the simple and effective solutions for fixing the error 404. These troubleshooting steps are mentioned below in a detailed manner:

  • This is a standard code of the webserver that happens if the user cannot find the requested page on the site. The 404 error signifies that a user tried to access the page where some content or important text is missing. The best way of fixing this problem is by downloading and configuring an FTP client. One common reason is how WordPress generates permanent links. In WordPress, there are various options through which you can easily format the links of the posts and pages. So, to fix a 404 error in WordPress, you’ll need to reset the permalink settings. 

For doing this, there are two ways. The first one is through the control panel (Console), and the other one is through FTP.

  • If you don’t get any result from resetting the permalinks, then you should go for the next solution. The next solution is restoring the .htaccess file in WordPress. In the Apache web server, the changes that you have made in the permalink structure in WordPress will get saved to .htaccess. In case you do not have access to the control panel, then you can do this manually by editing the .htaccess to reset the permalinks.
  • One of the easiest ways of troubleshooting this error is deactivating the plugins. As per the settings, there are times when your plugins and themes can affect WordPress. When this happens, you can experience the error 404 on WordPress. Disabling the plugins not only removes 404 error, but it also resolves many other WordPress related problems such as 403 Forbidden WordPress ErrorTo start this, disable your themes and plugins one by one. Don’t deactivate all the plugins in just one go as you’ll not get to know which one was causing an error in WordPress.
  • Another better solution to fixing this error is switching themes on WordPress. This can be sometimes confusing and troublesome for the users, but this will help you in the end for fixing the problem with ease.

With all these quick solutions, users of WordPress can get instant help in fixing the problems.


Error 404 directs the simple reason that is the unavailability of response from the server-side. There might be several reasons behind it. WordPress experts emphasize on providing effective solutions to resolve WordPress error 404.

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