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Womens Car Insurance - Why Elderly Women Suffer Higher Premiums than Teens

Press Release: February 18, 2010

Women beyond retirement age must be prepared to pay increased premiums thought to be more than double the standard rate due to risk-based calculations made by the brokers themselves. The best example of higher rates for elderly women drivers was from AA car insurance who revealed that a 55-year-old female could be insured for £186 driving a Renault Clio, while an 85-year-old woman would have to fork out £375 for the same vehicle.

While most would expect male drivers aged 25 and under to be the greatest risk to a car insurer it is now widely recognised that elderly females are subject to even bigger premiums.

This fact is statistically founded as female drivers aged 50 and above are thought to be responsible for a greater number of claims. Even though women drivers often pay significantly less for UK car insurance in their earlier years, they can be charged up to 50% more than male drivers in their later years.

Women now pay more for UK car insurance than males from the age of 50 onwards a figure that was previously set at 60 back in 2004.

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