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Women's Car Insurance - 50% of Female Drivers Have 'No Sense of Direction'

Press Release: March 08, 2010

These findings were made by a survey from Boxby.co.uk who revealed that a quarter of women drivers get lost regularly whilst driving, while the reliance on sat-nav products is highlighted with two-thirds of females dependant on them to get them from a to b.

This contrasts with the number of UK male drivers with 85 percent of those surveyed believing that they have a strong sense of direction, with just 11 percent believing that their skills could be improved.

Unsurprisingly, male drivers are also loathed to ask for directions and advice, with 72 percent happiest driving around and finding a destination off their own back. It is a contrasting attitude from female drivers which sees them seek guidance from sat-navs and pedestrians, thus failing to develop a sense of direction even in their home towns and cities.

Managing Director of Boxby.co.uk, Sandra Patterson, said: "I think a lot of it comes down to pride and women being more ready to admit that they aren't the best at finding their way around, but the fact that quite a few said they got lost on a regular basis in their own city was a little surprising."

There is a fear that a lack of direction from female drivers will cause an increasing number of car accidents, potentially increasing overall womens car insurance premiums.

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