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With New Generation Of Chemical Peels Signs Of Ageing Can Be Effectively Treated!

Press Release: September 15, 2015

Ageing does not sound appealing to all of us as it means loss of skin radiance, elasticity, appearance of wrinkles and lines and rejuvenation. Though you cannot completely control the ageing process but you can attempt to age gracefully by benefitting from the available cosmetic treatments. If you are looking for some affordable and effective aesthetic treatment option to erase the early signs of ageing, chemical skin peel treatment can prove to your secret weapon.

Whether you want to try out superficial peel or deep skin peel that penetrates deeper into the skin layers, the discovery of new and more potent ingredients are providing more options to the dermatologists than ever before, to treat the sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, mild scarring, pigmentation and some forms of acne, quite effectively and safely.

Speaking about the Chemical skin peels treatment, Dr.Haq of CosmeDocs London Clinic, addressed the advantages of chemical skin peel treatment in rejuvenating and refreshing the skin.

A chemical skin peel is basically a treatment that involves application of a chemical exfoliating agent to the skin, that causes the aged, dead and damaged skin layer to peel off. This allows the new, rejuvenated and glowing skin to replace it. The chemical peel solution can be prepared in varying concentration depending on the type of patient's skin and severity of the skin condition that requires treatment.

Dr. Haq told that the superficial chemical skin peel treatment also referred to as 'Lunch Time peels' , are the cornerstone of any skin rejuvenation treatment plan because they have minimal downtime, with minimal risks, and give quite good results in treating the early ageing signs. These chemical peels have alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids as their major active ingredients. Patients who are in their late 20s and early 30s facing problems of uneven pigmentation and appearance of fine lines caused primarily due to sun damage are the ideal clients for this skin peel treatment.

The temporary side effects include mild redness and itching or irritation which goes away in few hours.

If the patients are experiencing deeper lines and wrinkles with more areas of irregular pigmentation, then dermatologists suggest medium or deep skin peel treatment that penetrates deeply into the skin. These peels may have TCA (trichloroacetic acid) or phenol as their active ingredient that soften deep wrinkles and significantly improve the overall texture of skin giving much even skin tone. When this skin peel treatment is done by experienced and professional hands, the side effects are minimal and temporary. These may include redness, discomfort and post peel hypopigmentation.

Dr. Haq emphasized the efficacy of newer generation of skin peel treatment that use blend of different peeling solutions to maximize the results and minimize the side effects.

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