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Press Release: June 23, 2016

It is sad to say, but these days there are most likely dozens of reasons you might want to own a concealed spy camera to conduct hidden surveillance around your home, business, office, or even in your car.
Like an extra pair of eyes that can be in places where you can't, a hidden spy camera can provide you with visual affirmation of activities taking place in your absence or beyond your view.Today,i'll bring our high tech motion activated spy clock.

Reference of the Spy Clock :
Support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max
Support recording and charging at the same time, 7/24 hrs working
Selectable Video Resolution: 1920*1080P, 1080*720P, 640*480P
Video Format: ASF
Video Frame Rate: 25/30fps
Lens View Angle: 140° degree
Battery Operating Life Time: 3 hrs
Battery Charging Voltage: DC 5V
Charging Time: 7 hrs

Mainly function of the spy clock:

Motion Activated
Two modes of recording are available with the Aetos 550w clock camera: continuous or motion activated. For high traffic areas, where you wish to monitor a steady flow of movement, the continuous mode will probably produce better results. If you plan to record in a more remote setting, the motion activated mode usually provides a better option. The Aetos 550w clock camera is equipped with sensors capable of detecting motion within 6 meters of the camera. The motion sensors are fully functional day or night to ensure you capture every move.

24 Hours Continuous Recording Time
The 2,400 MA rechargeable battery that accompanies the Aetos 550w provides 24 hours of continuous recording time which adds to its versatility and portability. It’s an ideal way to keep an eye on your vehicle or other belongings when traveling. Place it on the dash of your car or in your hotel room. The small size of 3 x 3 x 3 inches makes it easy to carry along, and the functional clock keeps it hidden in plain sight. If you need to move it to a new location quickly, there’s no need to be concerned about locating an outlet. Its discreet design allows it to be placed in practically any awkward or out of the way location.

Remote Operation from Any iOS or Android Device
The Aetos 550w clock camera is equipped with WiFi to enable remote operation. The camera is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. A remote view app allows you to log into the camera via your iPhone, iPad or Android device and stream live video from the camera. You can view or record from any location in the world. Recorde video is viewable with Media Player and KM Player software. A USB cable is also included.

Exquisite 1080p HD Resolution
If you’re looking for a camera with high quality video recording, the Aetos 550w delivers exceptional detail and clarity. It’s capable of recording video in 1080p HD resolution at 30fps and ensures picture perfect imagery day or night. The Aetos 550w puts an end to blurry, out of focus video.

Infrared for Night Vision
The Aetos 550w camera’s outstanding video quality isn’t limited to only day time. It’s equipped with 10 infrared lights that provide night time recording with the same clarity and definition as during the day light. You’ll get the same high resolution videos with the camera’s night vision.

How can you buy the Spy Clock online?
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