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Wireless charging has landed at Heathrow airport in time to power up your journey during the festive season

Press Release: December 16, 2016

16th of December 2016, London – Aircharge, leader in wireless charging solutions, enhances the travel experience for passengers travelling through Heathrow airport by providing wireless charging facilities along their journey, across airline lounges, surrounding hotels and now public restaurants.

Nowadays people tend to carry a lot of portable technology whilst travelling, quickly filling up their suitcase with cables, battery packs and adaptors in order to keep them charged. Mobile phones in particular are now heavily used during the whole trip for personal or business purposes, and play an increasingly important role to plan and manage the whole travel experience, including the use of mobile check-in and boarding applications, access to maps and booking sites and mobile payments, so travelers are more than ever in need of a safe and convenient way to keep their battery fully powered.

Aircharge overcomes the issue of carrying cables and trying to access power sockets, allowing inductive charging between the device and the wireless charging station. The Aircharge wireless charging solution is compatible with the majority of devices, including the latest Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone models. Travelers with a device that have Qi built in can simply place it on one of the Aircharge wireless chargers to top up their battery. If the device doesn’t yet have built-in wireless charging capabilities, wireless charging can still be experienced through the use of the “Orb”, a unique bridging technology deployed with any Aircharge wireless charging unit.

Aircharge has recently installed new wireless charging units in rhubarb restaurant at Terminal 3 and Pilots Bar & Kitchen at Terminal 5, enabling their customers to top up their mobile devices whilst having a meal or a drink, waiting for their flights to board. The installation adds to the already available facilities in the Virgin Clubhouse, Novotel and Ibis hotel at Heathrow.

“We’re excited to expand our presence in the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic during one of the busiest periods of the year, offering a safe and convenient charging solution to all travelers” said Stefano Piccioli, Marketing Manager at Aircharge. Aircharge’s ambition is to redefine the travel experience providing a seamless solution to keep the mobile battery fully powered along the journey. With wireless charging integration across hotels, rental cars, airports and train stations, the entire customer travel experience will be supported and enhanced by the new technology.

All publicly available Aircharge wireless charging facilities, including the new installations at rhubarb and Pilots Bar & Kitchen in Heathrow, can be found using the Aircharge Qi wireless charging locator App that will navigate users to the nearest of over 4,000 public wireless charging locations globally. The app is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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