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Winter Hair Gives Brits the Blues

Press Release: January 07, 2010

Winter Hair Gives Brits the Blues

Seasonal Hair Disorder (SHD) identified
95 per cent to suffer from bad hair days this winter
33 per cent lack the energy to style their hair
Over half admit the state of their hair puts them in a bad mood
Festive partying damaging tresses this season
Andrew Collinge creates quick fix styling remedies

The season for winter hair blues is officially upon us. A massive 95 per cent of Brits will suffer from hideous hair this season, and 33 per cent of us dont have the energy to style our locks during the cold, dark months, says new research out today.

With nights drawing in, temperatures dropping and the rush of the festive season about to start, winter certainly seems to take its toll on our hair. According to Andrew Collinges survey of 1,000 Brits, 56 per cent admit they get down in the dumps because their locks are dull, dry and lifeless. A fifth have even radically changed their style in order to beat the blues.
The top Winter Hair Blues offenders are:
Stress and tiredness (88 per cent)
Too much festive partying (75 per cent)
Cold, damp weather (73 per cent)
Central heating (66 per cent)
Yet despite complaining about lacklustre locks, only a quarter are prepared to spend more time and money on some hair TLC during the winter months, with 21 per cent admitting to just one trip to the hairdressers.

However you cant underestimate the effects a good hair day has on our overall mood. In fact 54 per cent of people say they feel great when they have a fabulous hairdo, so Id encourage anyone wanting to lift their spirits during these cold, dark months to take a bit of time out to style their hair, even if its just a quick run through with the straighteners.

Providing a bit of winter hair SOS, Andrew Collinge has created the ultimate quick fix styling tips to put the shine back into your hair this season over the coming months to guarantee head turning results. You can also find out more by visiting www.andrewcollinge.com

Andrew said: Its interesting half of those surveyed can only spare 10 minutes to style their hair during winter, especially with the stresses of the season, but it doesnt have to be this way. Healthy, glossy locks are perfect for combating the winter blues, which is why Ive created these fast and simple styling tips to ensure people look and feel their best in an instant.

Andrews Top Tips
During the winter months, cold damp weather, blustery windy days and even central heating can result in hair looking lank and dehydrated. For those with longer hair this can mean the mid lengths and ends of the hair becoming knotted and tangled and difficult to control. These basic rules will ensure that you can get a salon finish result at home.

Keep hair hydrated
Always condition your hair after cleansing. Choose a conditioner specifically for your hair type - a moisturising conditioner for very dry, coloured hair could be too heavy for fine hair and will make the hair difficult to hold a style.
To evenly distribute the conditioner through the hair use a wide tooth comb which will cause less damage when combing away knots and snags from the ends. Carefully rinse the conditioner out of the hair being careful not to tangle it.
Dont over rinse hair until it squeaks as this means that all the conditioning agents and natural oils have been stripped out of the hair resulting in it becoming brittle and easy to split.
To keep hair supple and moist and prevent it from dehydrating during the harsh winter months, regularly apply, between shampoos, a leave-in conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of the hair.

Always apply a styling / heat defence product to towel dried hair before blow drying to protect the hair and result in a longer lasting style.
Always blow dry with the nozzle attachment in place. Working section by section and using a large round brush or paddle brush direct the nozzle of the dryer parallel to the hair shaft. This will ensure that the cuticles on the hair shaft lie flat, resulting in shinier, healthy looking hair.
Straighteners are perfect for creating super sleek hair but ensure you prepare the hair well before using them. To create the perfect finish, condition and blow dry the hair first. Your straightening irons will now glide through the hair with the simplest of ease.

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