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Windsurfing Lessons In The 2nd Largest Natural Harbour In The World

Press Release: March 22, 2010

POOLE, DORSET A new dedicated windsurfing school called Poole Windsurfing has opened at Poole Harbour, offering windsurfing lessons & equipment hire. Better know for the Sandbanks area having the 4th most expensive property in the world, the enclosed coastal location of Poole Harbour is a top UK windsurfing location.

The beauty of the windsurfing location is that the harbour gradually shelves from ankle deep to over head high water, making it great for all abilities. With the addition of a new windsurfing school, Poole Windsurfing & all they have to offer, the sport of windsurfing is set to take off again.

Developed in the 70s, in recent years windsurfing took a back seat to the newer sport of kitesurfing but is now seeing a big come back thanks to the developments in technology & the new breed of windsurfers making moves such as double loops seem easy!

Where can you go for windsurfing lessons & equipment hire that isn't too far from London, has decent wind & is not too expensive?

As Terril Winters, owner of Poole Windsurfing says, the Poole area has some of the best windsurfing the UK has to offer & progression is almost certain with the safe, shallow learning environment. Adding to this is the fact that you can get to Poole in approx. 1 hour 20 minutes from south London.

Progress is fast when you are somewhere that when you make a mistake and fall in you can just get straight back on your board, as Andrew Walker a Poole Windsurfing student says Really helped me progress from beginner to improver & beyond

There is a specially designated area of the harbour that is only for watersports users, giving us all loads of open space to blast around & not worry about hitting any boats Karen Kriegbaum, Local windsurfer said The effective season for windsurfing in Poole Harbour is from May through to October. You can go outside of these months but it will be damn cold & only for the truly dedicated (or mad).

If you are thinking of leaving the safety of the harbour, there are great spots all along the coast from Sandbanks all the way past Branksome, Bournmeouth, Boscombe & on to Hengistbury Head. These all work on slightly different wind directions as you move around the famous 7 mile stretch of beach. Beyond that you have the wave spot of Kimmeridge Bay. In the other direction you have Avon Beach in Chrischurch.

Basically there are no excuses, you should be going to train your windsurfing skills in the No 1 for windsurfing locations UK based, Poole Harbour & if you need some help give the guys a call at Poole Windsurfing on 01202 237247 Mick Rothwell, Local Windsurfer

For more information about this great location have a look on the Poole Windsurfing school website www.poolewindsurfing.co.uk, which has a lot of information & even a blog that posts regular articles about windsurfing technique, equipment, bargain buys, travel & more!

For windsurfing lessons & windsurf hire Poole Windsurfing teach in small groups with personalized windsurfing tuition which is always with the same experienced instructors & using the latest equipment to make learning easy. They also have competitive prices & for 2010 will have brand new kit.

Poole Windsurfing is the product of 15 years teaching experience, being drawn from managing two other local windsurf centres and teaching at different locations around the world. Much of their business is through word of mouth about the quality of instruction & is what keeps people going back for more throughout their windsurfing career.

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For more information, please contact:

Terril WintersTerril Winters

Tel: 01202 23724701202 237247

Email: media@poolewindsurfing.co.ukmedia@poolewindsurfing.co.uk

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