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Windcrane ‘smarten up’ their wind speed data allowing safer and more efficient lifting schedules

Press Release: November 08, 2019

Companies that require accurate, reliable and real-time wind speed data at the press of a button need to look no further than the new and improved wind speed data system from Windcrane. This unique mobile application, designed to improve safety, efficiency, planning and productivity for any construction site, has been updated with the incorporation of a new ‘Weekly wind Report’. Windcrane is the only system available to provide “live”, historical and forecast information in one application.

This new feature has been developed in collaboration with customers and leading figures within the construction industry in response to requests for the ability to generate a ‘one-click, downloadable or printable report’ of wind data for all sites and customers. This report can now be sent and shared with clients and colleagues via their mobile devices.

The application displays wind speed data for all sites and/or cranes with a Windcrane monitoring system installed. When dangerous conditions are detected each system on the app and dashboard are colour-coded in green, yellow or red depending on wind severity, allowing an immediate response.

Project planners and estimators are now able to view a chart that will show them how many hours the wind speeds were in the amber and red zones and enables them to schedule lifts at the safest times. To add to its versatility, the red and amber alert parameters can be customised, depending on the application and wind behaviour at that particular site. This is both highly valuable for existing projects and also provides important information for future estimates and tenders.

Speaking about this new addition to the system, Lisa Cairns, Commercial Director at Windcrane says: “This is the 4th application update in less than a year and again highlights one of the key benefits of smart, cloud-connected electronics. Our electronics engineers are able to add extra features and software tools remotely without any disruption to the customer.”

With manufacturing facilities in the UK, Windcrane offers industrial-grade internet connected wind and weather monitoring systems, with a track record of over 10 years in heavy industries like construction and power generation. Windcrane monitoring systems are built to be tough and reliable, lasting years in the most extreme environments. Measurements can be accessed from a mobile application at any time. Each unit is factory-configured for immediate setup and mobile app integration, and a cloud database provides unlimited data storage.

Typical applications include cranes, tall structures, scaffolding, hoists, portacabins and outdoor events.

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