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Press Release: March 25, 2010

With the General Election fast approaching, there are plenty of issues hard-pressed families in Britain want their elected representatives to address, and of course well all be making our views heard loud and clear at the ballot box, and dont they know it! However, you can push your case right now in the Candis family magazine survey, and get the chance to win £500 at the same time.

Candis is a monthly club magazine for the whole family, running articles on everything from travel to cookery and home & garden, and you can win £2,500 in the monthly draw when you take out a subscription. In a recent survey, Candis came out ahead of Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire in the popularity ratings, perhaps partly because its a charitable magazine that manages to be genuinely caring whilst at the same time as chatty, lively and informative as anything on the newsagents shelves.

You can enter the competition whether youre a single parent, have adult kids that have moved back home, a grandparent involved with the grandchildren, alone with dependent parents whatever, theyd love to hear from you. The pressures on families these days, in the midst of economic recession and with a multitude of concerns to juggle, often seem to defy easy analysis. The politicians all have their expert remedies, of course, but to many of us their well-intentioned tinkering often just seems to make matters worse.

So heres your chance to be heard! It can be anything from tax breaks for married couples, free childcare and homes for the elderly to financial help for grandparents who forsake work to look after their grandkids, effectively providing free childcare.

Maybe even more of an incentive than the chance to win £500 is the promise that the views sent in by readers will be delivered directly to Number 10. The politicians on all sides make a big issue of reassuring us that they listen to our concerns, take them on board, seek ways and means to address them, especially when it comes to the family, the most important institution in the country. So tell them what you think about how things are going, and how ordinary families are being affected by their decisions. Just sign up if youre not already a member and answer a few simple questions online by 20th March, and you could make a real difference!

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