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Williams Murray Hamm works with leading agrichemical company Syngenta to breathe personality and life into its brand portfolio

Press Release: April 12, 2010

Syngenta is one of the worlds leading companies with employees in over 90 countries dedicated to one purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. Through world-class science, global reach and commitment to their customers, they help to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life.

Syngenta is a global agrichemicals producer where regulatory constraints, environmental concerns and social responsibility can severely inhibit creative scope: most brands end up focusing on product features. This is not really true: in the past differentiating of our product brands was mainly through technical benefits of the product.

As the market gets more crowded, we took the approach to differentiate our brands more on the emotional side and tried to find a partner on the creative side that could also do this from a visual aspect for us. It is not true that regulatory constrains, environmental concerns and social responsibility did inhibit the creative scope. It is more that exactly these conditions asked for an emotional approach.

Williams Murray Hamm was hired in 2005 to help Syngenta embrace much of the emotionally-led thinking that exists already in the FMCG world and has encouraged them to develop innovative solutions which appeal more to growers emotions and aspirations. Rather than trading on product features and benefits, which tend to categorise the sector.

Each of the global product brands we created have successfully changed perceptions amongst Syngenta regional marketing teams and led to outstandingly positive feedback from farmers and growers across international territories.

Since the creation of a global brand identity for Eforia in 2006, Williams Murray Hamm has gone on to create over a dozen brands that help challenge category conventions within the crop protection sector for the company. Audiences include Syngentas global marketing teams, farmers, commercial growers, and retailers.

About Williams Murray Hamm

Established in 1997, Williams Murray Hamm set out to offer clients an alternative to the intrusive logos and graphic formulas that had become commonplace in the world of 80s and 90s brand design. It seemed to us that robust ideas were of much greater value to clients than decoration and derivation.

With the help of some fearless clients, WMH has gained an international reputation for creative and commercial success. We have won major awards at D&AD, Design Week, Clio and New York Festivals and been named No 1 for Branding in 2004/05/06/07/08 (Design Week) and No.1 for Design Effectiveness 2003/04/06 by the DBA for work with clients like Clipper Teas, Cobra and Sainsburys.

This has led to Garrick Hamm being appointed D&AD President for 2008/9 and WMH featuring in The Guardians Top 50 Hottest Names in Design.

To view more of Williams Murray Hamms iconic branding visit www.creatingdifference.com.

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