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Will you eat this bread – Freedom Age

Press Release: November 06, 2019

Pesticides are sprayed heavily on grains, it may not be the gluten that you are sensitive to, it may rather be the high pesticide content that is causing you the gastrointestinal issues! Toxicity in food comes from multiple sources. Toxic influences during the plants’ growth phase include phosphate fertilizer (which has a radioactive component), waste sludge and glyphosate When you eat your bread as a child, your GI Tract has good ability to recover the damage caused to the epithelial lining, however constant intake over a period of time, along with various other added threats such as compromised immune system, inability to absorb nutrients, accumulation of toxic waste products, your system eventually fails.This leads to various chronic disorders such as autoimmunity, cancer, hormone imbalances, and multiple food intolerances. Indeed It is so difficult in the times we are in to find the right food products for maintaining optimum health and wellness.Let us be aware of the good and bad to take charge of our health and live disease-free.

Dr. Kalpana Shekhawat M.D
Functional Medicine specialist, Freedom Age
Founder Chairperson FMMA


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