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Why you should report potholes...

Press Release: February 15, 2010

During the bad weather potholes have got worse and many new ones have emerged. Not only can they be responsible for axle and suspension failure costing us all dearly an estimated £2.8 billion every year we are told, but they make driving more dangerous, especially for bike riders and in the dark.

Clearly few motorists know they can claim for these because local authorities are only paying out something like £50 million in compensation claims due to poor road conditions, including potholes, each year.

The pothole problem is put down to the fact that road maintenance in England and Wales is underfunded by some £1 billion every year. Fortunately many local authorities are taking positive action to remedy the situation before a serious claim for personal accident and/or injury lands at their door.

But just because there is a pothole doesnt mean to say you will succeed in claiming sadly. FOXY Lady Drivers Club founder Steph Savill advises that the test of reasonableness needs to apply, explaining that..
If the local authority had been told about the pothole and hadnt done anything within a reasonable period of time then the claim is more likely to succeed whereas if the local authority didnt know about the pothole it could be argued that they were unable to rectify this because they didn't know of it.

With potholes estimated to cause as many as 1 in 5 mechanical failures for our cars a website called potholes.co.uk can help you avoid the cost and misery they cause and youll be able to check to see if your offending pothole had been reported previously to justify your claim.

Whether your cars been damaged by a pothole and you want to know how to make a claim against a local council or you just want to report a poor piece of road, this is where to do it. And if youve got issues with local potholes do let others know about them by reporting them to that website.

Its important for as many drivers as possible to report local potholes to give their local council the opportunity to repair them, make driving safer and if they dont do this within a reasonable period of time, to help legitimate claims from other motorists to succeed.

Please tell your family and friends.

FOXY Steph

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