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Why was John F. Kennedy assassinated?

Press Release: December 29, 2009

The nation reacted with shock and mourning from the very minute the President was shot on November 22, 1963, the media began transmitting every piece of information they could gather. Public interest in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has never died down. People from around the world want to know who killed the president and why. They want to know what the killer's motives might have been, and whether he had acted alone. Was Lee Harvey Oswald responsible or is this just a cover up?

King Kennedy is a documentary feature about John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy made 100% from archive material with no narration, no talking heads and no actors. A film like no other...a film that elicits rave reviews from a wide audience who have seen the rough cut....judge for yourself at www.kingkennedy.com. These 3 men stood for justice and civil rights, each fighting to change the world, but all meeting the same tragic end.

While we are all very familiar with the main conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of John Kennedy, very few people have put together the proposal that he was killed by the same people and for the same reasons as Martin Luther King and Robert F Kennedy too. This controversial idea is very cleverly insinuated in the film, King Kennedy, currently in its rough cut state. Because the film is made 100% from archive material with no narration, no actors and using real footage and dialogue it tells a compelling story without dictating to the audience.

Watch the events unfold as they occurred no actors, no distortion, just the facts. See for yourself what happened.

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