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Why Validation is important in Website Development?

Press Release: November 14, 2015

Encino, CA -13 November, 201- Website Development talks a lot about website and its dynamic development, developing a website is not an easy way, developers had to go through a series of coding in higher and complex languages. With upcoming simplicity in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it is easier for developers to create such soothing website for us.

One of the greatest discussion in Website development is this that - “How important a validation is necessary in website development?” It is surely really necessary when you developing something for others, you can't give your product without validating it, Validation is a very important part of Testing in website development.

What Actually Validation means?

Validation is the process of confirming all website pages that it comes under the standards or norms that is defined by various organizations or not?. It is much similar to that of comparing a sentence with pre-defined rules and standards of grammar. It will also ensure that the web pages are explained or interpreted, in the same way the users, visitors and search engines do to your web pages.

Validation is not only limited to check the norms and standards of website, but it is much broader in its aspects, it also checks the user input values, whether the user is giving right information or not, Take an example like there is a textbox of the mobile number, where user have to give his number, if the textbox is validated properly then user never enter other information other than mobile number, as mobile number is a number field, user also never enters any alphabets in the textbox.

These are some of the Validation benefits that can make your website more reliable to users:

1) Validation is Recommended by Google
2) Valid website is accessible by every browsers
3) With Validated website, your website get render faster.
4) SEO perspective, Search Engines will crawl faster if your website is validated with semantic mark-up.
5) Validation makes maintenance easier

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