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Why Tutoring Children Is Gaining Popularity Lately

Press Release: February 03, 2017

Education experts argue that the private school industry has become highly competitive making toddlers as young as two years old to be strained. In fact, the parents have no other option but to hire or seek the services of a tutor. Now, almost all education experts have encouraged parents to proceed with caution before seeking tutoring services for their children.

What most education experts are worried about is that tutoring is usually carried out by fresh graduates. Even though such graduates may have very impressive results, they may lack real experience in tutoring young children. Most people think that younger children are much easier to teach or tutor. Actually, the opposite is true. Education experts agree that the first time a young child is being taught, things can go wrong if the child finds the entire process stressful, frustrating or unpleasant. In fact, it can be damaging for the child.

The question everybody keeps asking is what is the right age for a child to be enrolled at a learning center or taken for tutoring? Also, a number of people keeping wondering if it is ideal to hire a teacher or tutor for a child.

Experts agree that it is not ideal to take a child who is three or four years or even younger for tutoring. However, they recommend the suitable age is seven years. Plus, the child shouldn’t be taken for tutoring regularly. Once per week is very appropriate. In addition, the tutor should be am experienced primary expert or specialist.

But is highly advisable to take the child for tutoring when he or she has attained the suitable age. Majority of specialists don’t endorse or agree with the idea that the families should do the tutoring or prepare their children before they are enrolled at school. A great learning center will usually employ a gentle as well as relaxed approach for tutoring the child.

Parents have a belief that there is no point spending a lot of money in taking their children to private schools, but instead dig a bit deeper into their pockets and hire a tutor for the best results. Also, many parents agree that outsourcing early education by hiring a tutor for one or two hour sessions are far better than spending that time teaching their children themselves. Well, every expert agrees that spending time with a child is more valuable than locking the child in a tutoring ‘cell’.

A lot of schools are already aware of the strain young children are undergoing and have developed a number of approach, for instance, introducing and developing non-verbal reasoning skills, cognitive skills tests and many more to tackle the problem. Good examples include using reading stories, playing games, singing songs without necessarily giving tests.

Another reason why parents prefer the route of hiring a tutor is that there are some schools that offer highly competitive entrance examinations. But parents are discouraged from opting for massive over-tutoring because it is never the best option. It is true that more tutoring is not a guarantee of excellent results.

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