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Why too much cardio is bad for you and what to do instead. educogym Canary Wharf reveal fat loss secrets

Press Release: October 10, 2017

Many gym goers spend hours in the gym every week doing all forms of cardio, statistics show that too much cardio is detrimental to your health, and there are many easier ways to get into shape, educogym a personal training and fitness studio in Canary Wharf explain the science behind the most efficient fat loss.

Currently, there is more information about health and fitness than ever before, if you Google fat loss, millions of results come up, gyms are located everywhere, the NHS supplies free health information, so why is it that two thirds of the UK population are overweight with a quarter clinically obese? “The problem is getting progressively worse, in the 1980’s it was only 7% obese, 2014 it more than tripled to 25%, and In 2050 it’s estimated to be 55%. The results are not just shocking, but very sad, as with obesity comes a huge array of health problems and even worse, death” exclaimed Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer in Canary Wharf gym, educogym.

So why are we as a nation failing so badly when it comes to health, as the UK tops the charts in Europe for being the most obese nation? “Most gyms focus on the old-school approach of low calorie diets and lots of aerobics. A lot of personal trainers are still fixated with this approach, even though it creates poor results, or results that don’t last. Many people experience fat rebound, where the fat comes back fast, and sometimes more than before, due to the strict calorie-controlled nutrition and high aerobics they are given” said Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

The science behind this is explained by Orlstyne Wilson one of educogym Canary Wharfs top personal trainers “though traditional cardio does burn extra calories, it can also burn away muscle. This is especially true when the cardio session is longer than 40 minutes as the body releases more cortisol which breaks down muscle. This problem is made even worse when a low-calorie diet is combined with the cardio, as now the body is getting much less protein than it requires and therefore the body must turn to its own muscle to get the protein it needs. This means the body loses muscle which speeds up the ageing process. The research shows that we, on average, lose 0.5 pounds of muscle each year after the age of 30. This is muscle not only from the body but also from the vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and even the brain. This leads to cardio vascular problems, poorly functioning organs and reduced hormone secretion. Not only does the loss of muscle cause these problems, it also reduces your metabolism by up to 45%”.

Research shows that muscle burns between 50-100 calories per day. Having 3 extra pounds of muscle on your body burns up to an extra 300 calories a day which is the equivalent of doing an hours’ worth of aerobics, but without having to step on a treadmill. So why hasn’t everyone caught on to this muscle building fact?

“This is a big secret that most people miss. This is one of the reasons we get such great results at educogym Canary Wharf, we focus on fat loss and muscle gain. Not weight loss. The most common trap that people experience in gyms is they lose weight on the scales via cardio and low calorie diets, but they don’t realise that up to 50% of the weight loss is usually muscle. This means if they lost 14 lbs, then 7 lbs could be muscle loss, increasing the ageing process by 7 years. But the trap is that the person is normally delighted and congratulated for such an achievement, not know that they’ve made their future health difficult. As they are burning up to 700 calories less each day, when they start eating normally the weight flies back on, and for some, even more as they now have less muscle to burn calories and so can’t burn as much food as they could before. Then the person panics and repeats the whole process, and each time it gets more and more difficult.” Explained Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

The biggest scare is the health problems beyond shape that this is causing. “Latest research shows that less is more. At educogym Canary Wharf we only train our clients for 15 minutes per session, and we measure body fat % to ensure the weight loss is fat and that our clients are gaining muscle, hence reversing the ageing process.” Said Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at Canary Wharf.

It seems very simple, stay young and look good by lifting weights, and eating plenty of good protein. Don’t just rely on the scales, they don’t tell you the full picture, otherwise you could be setting yourself up for failure.

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