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Why Subskile became a DJ and music producer

Press Release: February 24, 2021

If you don't know who Subskile is, I can clarify that he is the happiest DJ and music producer on the planet.

First of all, Subskile first started off as a Fortnite YouTuber, but then he wanted to mix up his style by becoming a DJ and making music. He got inspired by a lot of people such as Slushii and Marshmello, and more. With attending many virtual concerts with DJs, such as in live streams, or in video games, it made him want to be a DJ more. Let me say that it all came from inspiration.

Now Subskile has been making music and DJing for many months now, and he does not regret it. He has already become extremely successful just from being an artist. Firstly, YouTube came to him and verified his YouTube channel with the musical note icon. Also, Google generated a knowledge panel for him because of how famous he became, and when you search up his name, it says 'British musical artist'. Also Google provided him with the blue tick on Google Posts. Same happened with Bing, with having a knowledge panel on there. And many other music platforms provided him with a verified blue tick, such as Spotify, Musixmatch, Boomplay, and more.

Last of all, with Subskile becoming a music producer and got verified on a bunch of platforms, he was able to make tutorials for some of them on his YouTube channel. Such as, how to get the musical note on YouTube. And those videos became viral. 

You should know a lot about Subskile now after reading this story. He is a verified personality DJ and music producer, but also a tutorial maker. But he used to be a Fortnite YouTuber.

Subskile Twitter: https://twitter.com/subskile
Subskile YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Ijg9k1-jLf8y1dpert59Q

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