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Why Silence is your Worst Weapon to Fight against Medical Malpractices?

Press Release: March 11, 2016

‘Silence is true wisdom’s best reply’, said the tragedian Euripides around 400 B.C. Thought provoking and true most of the time. But not when injustice is done to you. Especially not if the injustice is done in the form of medical malpractices. Healthcare has always been one of the essential rights of a citizen, no matter the situation. Not even criminals banged with a death sentence or illegal immigrants are allowed to die in a way related to health issues.
Doctors are lifesavers. The Hippocrates Oath reveals the importance of this profession and instructs physicians not to harm anyone. Any negligence from their behalf is a serious violation of this sacred oath and of the fundamental right to have unadulterated medical care. Such medical violations could possibly endanger your life or those of your loved ones. It is necessary to report such actions as if left unreported, he/she can do this again to another patient.
Some of the common types of medical malpractices are:
• Failure to diagnose: If a certified doctor fails to diagnose a disease or illness any other competent doctor would have diagnosed, then this will qualify as a medical malpractice.
• Improper treatment: If a patient is diagnosed with a sickness, and the physician did not treat the patient like any other competent doctor would do, then the doctor can be sued for medical negligence.
• Failure to warn a patient of risks: It is the duty of a capable doctor to inform the patients about the risks associated with any treatment or procedure. If they doctor has not informed about such hazards or side effects and the patient suffers from them after the course of the treatment, then the doctor can be sued under medical negligence.
The medical malpractice cases have a lot of complexities associated with them. They are best represented through an experienced lawyer specializing in medical malpractices. John Ratkowitz is an expert in such cases as he had battled and won against many incompetent doctors, and brought justice to his clients. He is a partner at Starr, Gern, Davison and Rubin, P.C., one of the top ten legal firms in New Jersey. A successful lawyer against unethical medical practices, he has many accolades to his name.

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