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Why should I buy an EPOS system?

Press Release: May 07, 2020

In the past, when there was not any EPOS system, restaurants, whenever any guest would order something, the waiter had to write down the order and this written ticket would be transferred to the kitchen, then it would be separated and they had checked everything out before presenting the food, then for paying, the staff had to calculate the price by hands and calculators to figure out how much the customer had to pay and hopefully it was the correct amount which would take a really long time and effort. Besides, it was not that fully logical and healthy to let wait staff who are always touching cash into kitchens and jeopardize the safety of the food being made there.   

Nowadays, by courtesy of technology, most restaurants can have an EPOS till system where they now can easily go to a computer and put the orders in the list or more simply, the customer can use an iPad or iPod touch and type the orders and they will be transmitted straight to the kitchen. This is the time that the system, automatically, generates a bill for the customer as easy as shopping in a grocery store! Everything is itemized, everything is mentioned and considered, like tax, and sometimes there are tips or offers to come back. 

Considering all of this, now the question is, do you really need an EPOS system?

What is an EPOS system?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point-Of-Sale. This system is utilized widely in different markets especially in restaurants and retail industries. This computerized system gives the business owners the opportunity to track the number of sales, cash flow, food inventory, and can make your bookkeeping as simple as possible. 

Epos is based on a common intention that all the retail trade and businesses have the right to strengthen the power of using new methods and cloud computing to expand their businesses.

All products are simply loaded up to an EPOS system and owners of the restaurants can be specific about what they present. Meanwhile, it surely makes picking and ordering easier for customers as well.

Why should I buy an EPOS system?

The crisis of Covid-19 is influencing restaurants globally. It's more significant than ever to use a multi-channel retail business. People hesitate to eat out and they barely trust the restaurants in which there is no consideration in order to reduce human involvement when ordering, eating, and paying.

On the other hand, another advantage of an EPOS system is that it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. When the orders are taken, there will be no need for wait staff to enter the kitchen, the orders will be transmitted through the software and it will guarantee the safety of the products made in the kitchen.

What is more, by establishing an EPOS system, owners of restaurants can be noticed about their customer trends. For instance, they can easily find out about the way the customers want to contact and check out the offers they are into and try to meet their needs. A well-set EPOS system can help drive restaurants to the upper level with minimal investment and very quick payback.

Modern restaurants, nowadays, try to expand their businesses, save their money, and speed up effectively, increase sales and all of them are possible as long as customers are available to buy their products.



Without any doubt, Epos software or systems are highly crucial, there are costs that restaurants need to pay and Epos systems are one of the most significant ones. Owners can not overlook having an EPOS system.

By using an EPOS system, you can do your seating arrangements, you can make reservations and you can plan out the whole schematic structure of your restaurants. Speed is highly considered as one the most reasons which absorb customers especially these days while COVID-19 is widely spread.


Recently, most restaurants tend to use an EPOS system to attract lost trust in people again. In most countries around the world, EOPS systems are increasingly being used in different businesses. EPOS software in the UK has become an important part of the food industry and it plays a vital role to prevent the damage of COVID-19. The high volume of credit cards and cash that passes through a restaurant daily make an EPOS system a necessity.

Restaurants rely on the stable numbers of customers they have daily. Each restaurant has its own strategy in order to increase its sales per year. EPOS systems are now required to guarantee that customers will still buy restaurant products while we are still facing the crisis of COVID-19. Using EPOS systems allows restaurants to make users sure that their products are made and served safely and with the lowest level of human involvement. EPOS systems guarantee that all elements of staff’s interaction with cash is completely above board, everything is managed automatically and as fast as possible.


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