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Why Organic Baby Skincare is the Best

Press Release: March 25, 2010

Your new babys skin is the most precious and delicate surface in your life and some of the products out there that are supposed to care for it leave much to be desired. You wouldnt clean a CD with a metal brush, and you wouldnt want to touch your babys skin with anything you werent 100% sure about.

A lot of the products you come across, such as emollient cream and hydrocortisone cream, are recommended to counter common complaints like mild eczemas, but they can have side effects. Other common cleansing products contain chemicals such as SLES, a foaming agent that is a known skin irritant, and Paraben preservatives, which can cause rashes and allergic reactions. Propylene Glycol, found in many skincare products, is actually also used in anti-freeze and brake fluid. So rather than just picking something straight off the shelf because it says on the label its suitable for babies, play it safe and go for organic products. Its a natural choice, when you think about it. Humans have developed alongside nature for millions of years, are indeed a part of the natural world, and a babys skin isnt suitable for experimental tampering with.

Mumstheword has a great range of trustworthy baby skincare products on offer, each one natural and organic and sourced from trusted suppliers, to ensure that your babys skin is kept soft and smooth at all times. The labelling is clear and emphasizes also what is not an ingredient, so youll know exactly what youre applying.

Nappy rashes are a common problem with babies, and the bottom is indeed one of the most sensitive areas, needing constant attention, soothing and cleaning. The Cowshed Baby Cow Organic Buttery Bottom Balms main ingredient is meadowfoam oil, a moisturizing and stable vegetable oil. The balm contains no parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colours or allergens. Come to think of it, it might be a good idea to use it for yourself as well!

Baby Bee Skin Crme is good for any part of babys skin and contains soothing aloe vera, beeswax and almond, with grapefruit seed extract for its antibacterial qualities.

These are just two of the reliable baby skincare products on offer from Mumstheword. With a full range of balms, lotions and oils available, its a one-stop shop for all babys skincare needs. Take a look at the website for the full range.

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