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Why office space planning matters…

Press Release: November 25, 2016

Regular visitors to our website will know that we often work with companies that are expanding and contracting; advising and implementing how they should plan their office in order to maximise the space they have at their disposal.

Although, even if a business has a relatively stable headcount, they may still have to deal with a cramped working environment and misuse of space, all of which can cost money in terms of rents and/or a drop in staff morale and performance.

As such undertaking office space planning on a regular basis should be a priority when creating an effective layout for your workplace. Well planned offices not only look impressive, they increase productivity and efficiency and create a pleasing and functional environment, a place where people actually want to work.

Our design knowledge helps us to ensure that the environment can be planned as cost effectively as possible whilst still creating exciting surroundings for the people using the space.

As part of our consultation process we will gather information regarding your office space needs, including future growth expectations, working practices and operational considerations.

This workplace study provides valuable information about your business and your current space utilization; are the work areas clutter free, is there plenty of storage, is the furniture fit for purpose? The findings will enable us to make the most of your office space.

Getting the most from your workplace is not about squeezing as many people in as possible; it’s about optimising what you do have. A thorough analysis of your company, it’s working practices and requirements, combined with effective office space planning can often reveal you had more space than you thought, maybe enough for that breakout area your staff have been badgering you about…

Having years of experience in this field allows us to ask all the right questions and offer innovative solutions.


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