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Why Live in A Luxury Hotel in Vadodara?

Press Release: August 05, 2020

The hospitality industry of Vadodara is vast. Hotel booking online or offline for the city of Vadodara simply offers too many options. Patrons and tourists often find it difficult to make a choice. To help them, in this blog post let's learn 3 good reasons how choosing a luxury hotel in Vadodara makes it a good choice. Luxury hotel refers to 3-star hotels in Baroda, 4-star hotels in Vadodara and 5-star hotels in Vadodara.

Express Hotels India as one of the premium names in the hospitality industry of Vadodara lists 3 good reasons how choosing a luxury hotel in Vadodara makes it a good choice:

Enjoy the cityscape

The history of the city of Vadodara dates back to the early 1700s. Even in today’s time, the city holds back to its historical glory with the Lakshmi Vilas Palace as the star attraction. Though modern skyscrapers are now coming in the cityscape of Vadodara, yet the old charm still persists. Experience it all by booking your stay in the best luxury hotel of Vadodara, Gujarat.

Gujarati Cuisine

The cuisine of Gujarat is so distinct, different and delectable. Trying multiple eateries might be extremely tiring for tourists. Thus experience the whole of the Gujarati cuisine by choosing the best luxury hotels in Vadodara. Luxury hotels in Vadodara are backed with world class chefs who prepare the best of Gujarati and all kinds of global cuisine experience. So far a culinary retreat in the Gujarati way, it is extremely important to choose to live in luxury hotels of Vadodara.

Safety measures in the Corona era

All hotels in Vadodara, Gujarat including five star hotels in Vadodara are adopting best safety measures against the Coronavirus in order to welcome more guests. This preventive measure might be compromised in low cost hotels. Hence it is important to choose a hotel stay in Vadodara that guarantees industry best safety measures in the Corona era.

All of the above three listed star amenities that tourists look for when coming to Vadodara are available at Express Hotels India, Vadodara, Gujarat. Express Hotels India has two branches in the city – Express Hotels Tower and Express Hotels Residency. Please go ahead to make your bookings now a safety and memorable hotel stay in the city of Vadodara.

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