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Why Jennifer Lopez loves Charbel Zoe’s dresses

Press Release: February 05, 2019

Super talented Lebanese designer Charbel el-Khoury (Charbel Zoe Couture) reveals juicy details about designing Jennifer Lopez’s latest eye-catching and sexy dresses.

Though Lebanon’s national team did not qualify to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the country was strongly present at the inauguration ceremony thanks to the amazing work of one its designers: Charbel El-Khoury.
The talented fashion designer created the green the emerald jumpsuit Jennifer Lopez wore during her performance alongside Pitubll and Claudia Leitte.
“I’m glad and proud of my success… the best is yet to come,” said Charbel El-Khoury in an exclusive interview with BelleBeirut. “Jennifer Lopez loves my designs, and she told her stylists that she never saw such luxurious dresses before,” he adds.
According to Charbel El-Khoury, Jennifer Lopez’s stylist discovered his designs by chance when they saw one of his friends, a model, wearing a dress he made at the Life Ball charity event red carpet.
“I was then contacted by JLo’s stylists who asked me to send some of my designs so she could see them. They wanted to make sure the dresses were as beautiful as in the pictures, and they loved what they saw!”
Charbel ZOE was then asked to work on two dresses for Jennifer Lopez. “JLo told her stylists that this is the first time she sees something this special. She really fell in love with my dresses!”
Lopez wore the two dresses Charbel El-Khoury designed for her at two of the most important events this year: The American Idol XIII final and the World Cup inauguration cer“The dress she wore for the American Idol XIII final was electric blue and shiny with the fringes. It looked amazing on her and was perfect for her spectacular dance moves on stage. She actually saved the dress for this event because she was supposed to wear it four days earlier for another major event, but she thought it would give her more exposure on TV,” explains the young designer.
All of Charbel El-Khoury’s dresses are made using authentic Swarovski crystals and of course tireless hours of dedication and love for what he does best. His hard work has paid off and he has been recently contacted by many stars and big names including Charlize Theron and Kim Kardashian.
“Chance and talent help a person, most of the well-know designers already have a strong PR, but I was chosen without any help. It was done by chance. Haifa Wehbé was my lucky charm,” he concluded.
Charbel will soon be appearing on two TV Shows in the United States, so watch out for him! emony in Brazil.

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