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Why is There a Need for Temporary Car Insurance?

Press Release: January 06, 2010

Most car insurance premiums cover a 12-month period, but there are certain occasions when drivers may have to consider temporary car insurance.

There are a number of examples of reasons as to why drivers opt for a temporary car insurance policy. The most popular scenario is for couples or families who use an additional vehicle while they are away on holiday. Temporary car insurance can protect drivers and car rental companies in the event of an emergency whilst using a hire vehicle.

Large families with students venturing home during the holiday periods are likely to want a set of wheels to drive around in. By purchasing temporary car insurance, parents and students themselves can have peace of mind.

Purchasing a brand-new vehicle for the first time can prove to be an exciting day. However, some drivers often forget that they are liable from the moment they leave the forecourt. Immediate, temporary car insurance is an advantageous method of insuring your car until arranging long-term cover.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing temporary car insurance. Many temporary car insurance providers are equally happy to extend the length of a policy with ease. A short-term car insurance policy also requires minimum paperwork and can often be purchased completely online.

It is also the most cost-effective solution for short-term driving. Temporary car insurance avoids drivers having to get involved with a long-term policy. However, it is also flexible, allowing drivers to upgrade their cover to a permanent policy with minor hassle.

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