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Why do so many brilliant companies fail to digitally transform?

Press Release: March 27, 2019

Digital giants of history Kodak and Blockbusters failed in their digital transformation. Companies in the B2B sector are still neglecting their digital opportunities while at the same time CEOs are ordering chicken nuggets on their phones. A new publication, Journal of digital commerce, gathers experts to help businesses to keep up with digital commerce trends and encourage them with success stories.

The digital world has become a jungle, and to help businesses to clear themselves a path, a new publication has been issued in London, the Journal of digital commerce.

“The digital world is continually changing. eCommerce Managers positions in the B2C sector are becoming more demanding with more and more technology trends. At the same time, B2B businesses are not digitalised enough. We launched the Journal to encourage the digital commerce community and give them insider information on what’s going on.” David Wain-Heapy, Editor, Journal of digital commerce.

What’s inside Volume one?
Volume one is created from real business examples from those delivering digital commerce and tips from technology partners to inspire future developments:

- Rubik’s Cube show how they have twisted and turned into a digital future.
- How luxury bathroom retailer C.P. Hart is soaking up sales.
- Fashion brand RÆBURN shares how they are creating a digital commerce strategy tailored for growth.
- Akeneo shares better ways of managing your product data.
- Magento’s Peter Sheldon talks about giving B2B buyers a consumer experience

The iconic toy from the 1980s made a huge comeback, not only through promotion in McDonald’s Happy Meals. Rubik’s is paving a digital future, and their plans are revealed in the Journal.

“Our presence online means making more money, but it is also about continuing to grow the brand story as the main online resource for the brand. We need to be ambitious and aggressive.”, Fabrice Druelle, Rubik’s Digital Marketing and eCommerce Director.

The Journal includes the story of digital success of one of the biggest bathroom luxury retailers in the UK, C.P. Hart.

“Amazon is a huge challenge with their delivery terms. However, as long as we communicate the trustworthy nature of our brand, customers still choose us. “
Florence Parker, C.P. Hart’s Head of Digital and Marketing

The Journal also touches on the very competitive world of fashion, where it has always been essential to be different and original.

RÆBURN, a London based brand focused on recycled and sustainable fashion, managed to do that. They're revealing what digital tailoring they’ve done for their growth.

“We have a lot of orders coming from Japan and China. We implemented Alipay at checkout to improve conversions in that market.” David Segal, Digital & Creative Content Manager at RÆBURN

The new publication is also dedicated to waking up the businesses who are neglecting their digital opportunities. Peter Sheldon, VP of Strategy and Growth at one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Magento shares his experiences in the article “Will your online experience survive the B2B bloodshed?”

Volume One is out now!
To read more and download your copy visit the Journal of digital commerce website: www.journalofdigitalcommerce.com

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