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Why dental tourists should find a dental tourism facilitator

Press Release: November 08, 2019

When it comes to traveling to a totally strange country for dental treatment, dental tourists find it hard to manage everything on their own. That is the reason why dental tourism facilitators desire to make patients’ s treatment process easier and more effective.

1. Free consultation and competitive quotation
Once receiving your request, dental tourism facilitators will immediately send your request to most trusted clinics for consultation. You can get free personal consultation from experts and procedure which is the best suit for you in the shortest time. You can be assured about the services they offer because of their neutrality and honesty. As a result of the moderation effect, dental tourism facilitators can supply the most trusted and fair list of clinics for you. You can get the most affordable cost since each clinic tries to offer the most competitive quotation over its competitors. Both your time and money can be saved significantly while you can get the best service.

2. Exclusive network of dental specialists
Having built trusted relationships with an exclusive network of highly qualified clinics, dental tourism facilitators can ease your insecurity when choosing your dental destination. You will be given all the information about the experiences of doctors, their qualifications, certifications and accreditations and facilities of that clinic. For one of the most important parts, you can be more assured because of real testimonials from previous patients who used that service. Moreover, you can get a better understanding of their service and how it compares to other clinics in the same market.

3. All in inclusive packages
Not only help you find the most appropriate clinic, but dental tourism facilitators also assist you to cope with your financial and insurance issues. You will not have to deal with your difficulties alone when having assistance from your companion, your problems will be solved soon by any means. Going to a whole new country while suffering from your dental problems, there are a lot of things like transport, accommodation you have to manage spontaneously, which can make you mess up and get lost. But all those problems can be arranged quickly with the assistance of dental tourism facilitators.

Having a dental tourism facilitator as your companion definitely optimize your effort, time and costs. Lotus Dental Travel is one of the first and leading companies in the dental tourism service in Vietnam which connects international patients to top qualified clinics in Vietnam. If you are considering going to Vietnam for your dental treatment, Lotus Dental Travel is the first company you should know for some following advantages:

1. Prestigious dental clinics throughout Vietnam
Lotus Dental Travel has associated with the most prestigious clinics. Its associated clinics are located throughout Vietnam, where are the most famous tourist attractions. Its partners must meet international certifications and accreditations, state-of-the-art technology and have the best dental experts. With a wide range of high qualified clinics, Lotus Dental Travel offers plenty of choices for patients to choose.

2. Advantage of proximity
Lotus Dental Travel is located in Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. Its location is an advantage for dental tourists who wish to have dental treatment in Vietnam in case of emergency, any k to find you the most cost-effective option. Lotus Dental Travel can take the best care of your treatment journey from the start until the end, even after your treatarising problem in the treatment process or any other difficulties. From the moment you get off from the plane and land in Vietnam, you are taken care of transport, accommodation to the arrangement with your dentist or translation if you need it. The company fully understands the status of dental treatments in Vietnam so that it can make use of their network in Vietnam.

3. A-Z services
Lotus Dental Travel concentrates on medical travel care continuum, supporting patients from selecting their medical destination, connecting to their clinics for medical records and assessment, admissions and post-discharge until the patients are satisfied with their treatments and come back home. The company also keeps track of patients to be ready whenever any patient needs assistance. Overall, Lotus Dental Travel provides you with the fullest packages which include everything you need to get your dental treatment perfectly done in Vietnam.
Vietnam is one of the countries which has the most beautiful beaches and bays. Millions of tourists are attracted to Vietnam every year by its stunning scenery, cultural diversity and unique cuisine. Dental tourists can make use of their staying in Vietnam to get unforgettable experience. Lotus Dental Travel is proud of helping plenty of patients from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand get the best dental treatment.

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