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Why are there only 7 Black Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts in the UK?

Press Release: July 23, 2020


There are just 7 Black Board-Certified Analysts in the UK - LinkedIn Post goes Viral

There are only 7 Black BCBA's Behaviour in the UK - out of 422. The role of multi-lingualism in ABA treatment for Autism has scarcely been addressed in practice or in research, yet these factors impact the ABA treatment process significantly. How is this fair on BAME children with Autism and other learning disabilities?

Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts are specialists with the right qualifications and expertise to support schools and young kids with learning disabilities and social & communication difficulties. Lockdown has been a huge challenge for parents with Autistic kids. 

Georgiana Koyoma, one of the 7 Black Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with 17 year's experience set up All Behaviour Consultancy in 2011 to offer cost-effective solutions for schools and parents who need the extra support with understanding different types of backgrounds and how this affects behaviour.

The UK has finally acknowledged the widespread racism that exists across most workplaces. We need to look at the industries that matter the most, i.e education. If there are only 7 Black BCBA's - are underprivileged children getting the help they need?

Georgiana (BCBA, MSc, BSc) recently posted about being proud of being one of the only few Black BCBA's in the country.

The LinkedIn post went viral but would it have gone viral if it wasn't such a current major topic?


I have been triumphant in meeting and surpassing my own career goals, but this does not negate from the trials and tribulations that I encountered along the way. My success is in-spite of racism, prejudice and bias not the absence of it. Each of my roles throughout my 17 year career have been my dream roles. The reason for having so many roles (they only lasted 12-18 months) was due to racism, bias and prejudice. In those roles, I was prohibited and undermined continously and frequently, whilst trying to do the same job I was hired to do. My work was either overly scrutinised and tarnished or not given any time or attention. Appropriate supervision processes were provided to white colleagues to enable them to get promoted or feel confident enough to do the roles yet I wasn’t. White colleagues were provided with appropriate safeguarding and flexible working measures so that they could carry out their duties whilst they were pregnant and I was not provided with the same allowances.

People need to check their own biases. Question themselves if they feel uncomfortable to hire, promote or contract a Black person for a job. Where does this feeling of being uncomfortable or hesitant come from?


All Behaviour Consultancy was founded in 2011 by Georgiana Koyama, Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst to help Autistic children and those with learning disabilities, working directly with families and  schools. Georgiana is a leader in her field and often speaks at events on topics within the industry.


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